UWSOM Foundations Curriculum

Room Scheduling & Reservations

The 5th floor T-wing small group rooms are available for students, staff, and faculty to reserve throughout the academic quarters. Those interested in reserving the small group rooms should email the SOM Room Request team. Requests should include the following:

  • Name of the event and the organization/group hosting the event;
  • Preferred location (e.g., T535 or T439);
  • Start and end time for the event;
  • Date(s) for the event;
  • Approximate number of people attending (e.g., 50 people);
  • Point of contact for event, as well as best email for that point of contact.

Please remember that these rooms are used by our School of Medicine required blocks/courses, and as a result, take priority in those rooms. Students, staff, and faculty can view availability on 25Live, the University’s scheduling software, and searching for the desired room.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I reserve rooms that are not the 5th floor T-wing small group rooms?

Yes. In addition to being able to reserve the 5th floor T-wing small group rooms, which include T535, T540, and T550, students, faculty, and staff can also reserve the fourth floor T-wing lecture halls (T439 & T345).

I want to reserve one of the lecture halls from 7am until 5:20pm Monday through Friday. Can I do that?

No. Unfortunately, the lecture halls that SOM Rooms can reserve are limited to what is called ‘blackout times’. These are specific periods of times in which the School of Medicine can use those two lecture halls.

Students, staff, and faculty can request the use of the T435 and T439 lecture halls during the School of Medicine blackout times. Requests for the lecture halls outside of these blackout times must be made to the HUBIO team; the request form is available here. These blackout times are as follows:

  1. T435 is available from 1:30 – 5:20pm every Monday through Friday;
  2. T439 is available from 12:30 – 5:20pm every Monday through Friday, as well as 8 – 11:20am on Monday and Friday only.

How long will it take for my reservation to be completed?

Generally, we try to complete requests within 24 to 48 hours of receiving your request. Once we receive the emailed request, we will try to find an open time based off of our room availability; if there is no availability, we will try to provide alternatives. After a room location is identified, we work with HUBIO to finish the reservation. This can take up to 3 business days.

I need a room that has the ability to use Zoom. Do all of the fifth floor T-wing small group rooms have that ability?

No. Unfortunately, the only room that is Zoom-capable at the moment is T550. This room does book up fast, so we encourage getting your requests in sooner rather than later.

My program, course, or office needs a room (or rooms) for the entire quarter. Can we request all of those at once?

Yes. We encourage any faculty or staff who need rooms for multiple dates over the quarter to identify their needs at least one quarter prior to when they need the rooms and request those as soon as possible. Our fifth floor T-wing small group rooms and two fourth floor T-wing lecture halls are used for our required blocks and coursework, including Foundations of Clinical Medicine and the Clinical Phase of the curriculum. As a result, these rooms fill up quickly, as block and coursework schedules are locked down at least a quarter and a half prior to their start date.

If you know your schedule, please prioritizing sending the SOM Rooms team those requests as soon as possible. This will ensure that your requests are considered alongside the required blocks and coursework requests. If you are unable to do this, do not worry – the closer to the start of a required block or coursework, the better the chance of rooms freeing up due to a shift in scheduling.

Can I take the furniture from the fifth floor T-wing small group rooms?

As a general rule, the SOM Room Request team asks that you please do not remove furniture from any of the 5th floor T-wing small group rooms. If furniture is moved around within the room, please ensure that the room is set back up to its original layout prior to your event. Failure to do so multiple times may result in a decreased opportunity to reserve the 5th floor T-wing small group rooms. Students, staff, and faculty can find the room layout configurations here, as well as emailing the SOM Room Request team.

I want to reserve a room in South Campus Center one day, and then the E308 conference room another. Can the SOM Rooms team help with this?

No. The SOM Rooms team can only complete reservations for the fifth floor T-wing small group rooms and the two fourth floor T-wing lecture halls. Any other rooms located within the Health Sciences Building and surrounding buildings (e.g., South Campus Center & the Genome Building) must be requested through the event wizard. This will send an email to the HUBIO/Classroom Services team, who will then complete the request for you.

If the request is for a conference room in the E-wing (i.e., E308 or E309), or a conference room in the A300 Suite (e.g., A325, A327, or A317), students, faculty, and staff must contact the A300 Front Desk to complete their reservation.