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August 1, 2019

Science Communication Fellowship

Application Deadline: August 25, 2019

Since 2007, Pacific Science Center’s core Portal to the Public effort, the Science Communication Fellowship Program, has provided local STEM-based professionals with training and ongoing opportunities to engage with the public about their work.

Fellows begin by taking a multi-week Science Communication Course to improve their skills in effectively engaging public audiences. This course:

  • Offers practice in techniques for discussing complex topics
  • Helps to refine key messages related to each Fellow’s area of expertise
  • Supports the development of hands-on activities related directly to each Fellow’s area of work

After completing the course, Fellows participate in public engagement programs at Pacific Science Center, including Meet a Scientist.

For Fall 2019, 2 scholarships are available for this program:

Pacific Science Center IDEA Scholarship
Eligibility: any applicant who would contribute to inclusivity, diversity, equitability, and accessibility (IDEA) efforts in our programming
Maximum request: $2,000
Awards anticipated: 1

Pacific Science Center Cost-Sharing Scholarship
Eligibility: any applicant whose sponsor organization cannot cover the full tuition cost
Maximum request: $1,500
Awards anticipated: multiple

Program Eligibility

Any individual who holds a bachelor’s degree, uses STEM in their work, and is located in the Puget Sound region is eligible to apply. We have trained Fellows from many academic, research, government, and industry organizations.

For complete information about this opportunity, including how to apply, click here.