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February 10, 2020

Council of Citizens with Low-Vision International: Scheigert Scholarship

Application Deadline: March 15, 2020

The Council of Citizens with Low-Vision International (CCLVI) is an advocacy membership organization with several goals, including establishing the right of persons with low vision to make full use of their vision through all available aids, services and technology; providing a mechanism through which low vision people can express their individual needs, interests and preferences; and educating the general public, professionals, and low vision people themselves as to the potentialities, capabilities, and needs of low vision people.

The organization offers the Fred Scheigert Scholarship Program. Three (3) students will win an individual prize of $3,000. This competitive scholarship is available to full-time college students with low vision, chosen from among those who meet the visual acuity and academic guidelines. Recipients are expected to attend our annual conference and convention, which is held in conjunction with the American Council of the Blind National Conference and Convention and generally takes place the first week in July. Recipients will be expected to attend CCLVI functions during this time.


To qualify to receive a scholarship award, you must be:

  • a full-time (12 units undergraduate/ 9 units graduate) college/trade/vocational student for the academic year
  • have a minimum cumulative 3.2 Grade Point Average (GPA)

If you believe you have extenuating circumstances that prevent you from meeting these conditions, such as an additional disability or work requirements, please provide us with a complete explanation.

In terms of low-vision requirements, the Fred Scheigert Scholarships are offered to students with low vision from 20/70 in the better eye with best possible correction, or a field restricted to no greater
than 30 degrees and to those who have less vision but are still able to benefit from the use of low vision devices to perform daily visual tasks.

For more information about this opportunity, including how to apply, click here.