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September 22, 2020

The Smithsonian Institution Fellowship Program

Deadline: November 1, 2020

  • For graduate students and postdoctoral researchers who want to use the Smithsonian’s collections to conduct original research
  • Awards range from $8,000 to a total of $59,000

The Smithsonian Institution Fellowship Program (SIFP) is the Smithsonian Institution’s centrally-funded flagship in-residence fellowship program. Fellowships are awarded annually to graduate students, predoctoral students, postdoctoral, and senior investigators to conduct independent study or research at one or more of the Smithsonian’s 19 units and research centers.

The Smithsonian Institution Fellowship Program offers fellowships for research and study in the following fields and encourages applications of an interdisciplinary nature:

  • Animal behavior, ecology, and environmental science, including an emphasis on the tropics
  • Anthropology, including archaeology, cultural anthropology, linguistics, and physical anthropology
  • Astrophysics and astronomy
  • Earth sciences and paleobiology
  • Evolutionary & systematic biology
  • Folklife
  • History of science and technology
  • History of art, especially American, contemporary, African, and Asian art, twentieth-century American crafts, and decorative arts
  • Materials research
  • Molecular biology
  • Social and cultural history of the United States

Applicants to the Smithsonian Institution Fellowship Program must propose to conduct independent research in a discipline pursued at the Smithsonian and must submit a specific and detailed research proposal indicating why the Smithsonian is an appropriate place to carry out the study. Projects that broaden and diversify the research conducted within these disciplines are encouraged. Fellowships are offered to support research at Smithsonian facilities or field stations. Fellows are expected to spend most of their tenure in residence at the Smithsonian, except when arrangements are made for periods of field work or research travel.

Graduate student fellowship awards offer $8,000 for 10 weeks, predoctoral (doctoral students advanced to candidacy) fellowships offer $40,000 annually with a research allowance up to $4,000, and postdoctoral fellowships offer $55,000 annually with a research allowance up to $4,000.

For complete information about this opportunity, including how to apply, click here.