Graduate Funding Information Service

October 7, 2021

Doi Doctoral Research Fund for UW College of Education

Application Deadline: November 15, 2021, 11:59 PM Pacific Time

  • PhD students
  • UW College of Education
  • To cover unusual costs not typical of most dissertations

The Doi Doctoral Research Fund helps defray unusual costs associated with the completion of especially worthy doctoral dissertations. Applications may be submitted at any time, even after dissertation expenses have been incurred. The Faculty Council will review the submissions twice per year to ensure that all qualified applications in a given year are considered.

It was the intent of Dean Doi to help with “unusual” costs not typical of most dissertations. Examples of unusual costs include:
– Mailing costs associated with an extensive survey;
– Professional transcription* of extensive interviews;
– Short-term licensing of software that’s not otherwise available at the UW for student use;
– Leasing or purchasing unusual equipment that’s not otherwise available at the UW for student check-out and use; or
– Gift cards offered as incentive for interview or focus group participation.
(* There is value and opportunity in transcribing one’s own interviews, in that it creates deep familiarity with the data)

No specific limits are placed on the potential amount of an award, but limited resources provided by the fund and the anticipated number of awards each year usually result in individual awards of a few hundred dollars, rather than thousands of dollars. A student may request an award of any amount, but the final award will likely be for some smaller amount. Students are asked to request support only for activities or items that cannot be adequately supported through other means. Students may request additional funds by applying to the next upcoming deadline, but additional justification must be provided.

For additional information about this award, including how to apply, click here.