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May 15, 2022

Sunday Spotlight: School of Public Health

Your graduate program is your best source of funding information! In addition to networking with faculty whose academic interests align with yours, your program may provide easily accessible funding information online.

Example: UW School of Public Health

As an example, the UW School of Public Health keeps a Student Funding and Opportunities list, featuring graduate assistantships, scholarships, internships, employment opportunities, and more:

School of Public Health Student Funding and Opportunities

The School of Public Health also features a page about Student Scholarships and Funding, which shares information about funding from within the school:

Image of School of Public Health Student Scholarships and Funding web page


To give a grounding in what kinds of costs to consider, the School of Public Health also provides a page on Tuition and Funding:

School of Public Health Tuition and Funding

How did I find this information?

  1. I used Google! I searched for MPH UW and clicked the first result.

  2. From that page, I opened both the “Scholarships” and “Tuition” links

  3. From the Scholarships page, I chose the link to “Student Funding and Opportunitiesimage of side bar, showing link to Student Funding and Opportunities list

Next steps: Take a look at your program – does it offer similar resources?

Your program may have similar, though not identical, information. Go ahead and give it a look!

Keep in mind, there are many resources for finding graduate funding outside of your program! For a more comprehensive grounding in searching for funding, check out the GFIS Funding Search Guide!