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May 22, 2022

Sunday Spotlight: School of Social Work

Your graduate program is your best source of funding information! In addition to networking with faculty whose academic interests align with yours, your program may provide easily accessible funding information online.

Example: UW School of Social Work

The UW School of Social Work has a page about  Financial Support and Scholarships, which gives an overview of the different kinds of funding for each degree program in the school, Bachelor of Social Work (BASW), Master of Social Work (MSW), and PhD; and funding from outside the university:


The MSW Funding page shows a range of the kinds of funding available specifically for that degree:

The External Funding page shows options of funding from outside the University of Washington:

To give a grounding in what kinds of costs to consider, the School of Social Work also provides a page on Tuition and Fees

How did I find this information?

  1. I used Google! I searched for UW School Social Work and clicked the first result.

  2. From the main page, I opened the Admissions dropdown menu, and chose Financial Support and Scholarships page:

  3. From this page, I can open, I opened the “Tuition & Fees,” and “MSW Funding and Financial Aid,” and “External Funding Opportunities” links


Next steps: Your program may have similar, though not identical, information. Go ahead and give it a look!

Keep in mind, there are also many resources for finding graduate funding outside of your program! For a more comprehensive grounding in searching for funding, check out the GFIS Funding Search Guide!