SEFS 520

SEFS 520 is identical in every way to ESRM 250, with one exception.

SEFS 520 students will need to prepare final project.

  • Format: 10 minutes presentation/ per student
  • Presentation Dates: 6/5
  • Assignment:
    • Option 1: GIS analysis for your own researchProvide a 10-minute presentation on an application of GIS in your own research. Such an application need not be too complex but should go beyond simply making a map of your study site. In the presentation, you should provide 1) an introduction to the project with a little background material; 2) the spatial questions you answered using GIS analyses; 3) the data collection and preparation process; 4) analysis workflow; 5) results with maps and charts or tables if appropriate; and 6) conclusions and discussion.
    • Option 2: Explore a new extension toolset from ArcToolbox

    Explore a new extension toolset from ArcToolbox and present an overview of the tool and its application to the class (again, a 10-minute presentation). In this course, we have worked on the spatial and 3D analyst toolsets. However, there are many other toolsets that we have not covered. Pick one extension toolset. In your presentation include: 1) an introduction to the tool – why one would use it and what it does; 2) how to use it; 3) a description of the type of data one would need to use it; 4) the data preparation process; and 5) an example application including results and their interpretation.

  • Deliverables:
    • 1 page summary of presentation content
    • Power point presentation slides
    • 10 minute presentation

The project should demonstrate some of what you learned in the class. At a minimum, it should include some well designed maps. Ideally, it will demonstrate one or more analytical techniques. The project can cover any topic, but of course, it would be wise to have it cover your research and potentially serve two purposes (e.g., if you need to prepare a poster for a meeting or thinking ahead to a day when you will need a poster or some maps or analyses for a presentation). Feel free to discuss the project topics and layouts with the instructor or TA.

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