Video Lectures

Introduction to Course (PPT)

Introduction to ArcGIS (PPT)

Introduction to ArcGIS (recording)

ArcMap Basics (PPT)

Data Types (PPT)

Project Management (PPT)

Data Export (PPT)

DataTypes (recording)

Projections & Coordinate Systems (PPT)

Projections & Coordiante Systems (recording)

Color and Scale(recording)

Demo: Join/ Calculate Geometry/ Field add and calculator

Vector Analysis (PPT)

Vector Analysis (recording)

Demo: Vector Analysis I & II, compare and contrast

Raster Analysis (PPT)

Raster Analysis (recording)

Demo: Raster Analysis I & II, Raster Calculator, Mask, and Zonal Statistics

Finding data

Hydrologic Modeling (Watershed Delineation) (PPT)

Watershed Modelling (recording)