Abner’s Life

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Abner was born in San Salvador, EL Salvador and speaks Spanish fluently
since he lived in that country for 13 years. When he was a kid, he used to
visit the coastline with his friends almost every weekend. Although he spent a significant amount of time near the ocean he never liked seafood. He lived and
grew up in a city most of his life; however, he always preferred spending more time in the countryside because he enjoys hiking. His other hobbies include watching horror films, playing soccer and listening to a wide variety of German, Spanish and English music.
Most of his family lives in Toronto, Canada and Seattle; and he moved to the U.S. around 8 years ago. He has been in other countries such as Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, and Chile. he went to Shoreline Community College and then transferred to the UW 2 years ago. He is currently trying to obtain a double major in psychology and archaeology. His interests in psychology include neuroscience, development and clinical counseling. Since he was a little kid, he always felt fascinated by archaeology because he comes from a culture that cares about tradition and ancient civilizations. Some of his interests in archaeology include ancient Greece and Rome as well as the development of Mayan civilization.

3 thoughts on “Abner’s Life

  1. I like that your interests in archaeology (Mayan civilization and ancient Rome/Greece) are so completely separate from each other in both time and locations! =)

    • Haha yeah I know. that’s what people tell me every time I tell them I’m majoring in archy and psych 🙂 I like very different things I guess

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