Jacob: A Biography

'Hands are for pets, not typing.'

‘Hands are for pets, not typing.’

Jacob Corrado is an archaeological sciences student at the UW in his senior year. At 35 years old Jacob’s path to a career in archaeology began with a decade in medical supply logistics, being a disgruntled employee and a desire to something that he loved. This period was followed by quitting his job, enrolling in college and sleeping in a spider filled garage for a year.

His interest in archaeology began with reading a lot of encyclopedias (from 1956! Ethnocentrism, ahoy!), horrible television (Logic? We don’t need no stinking logic!) and equally horrible books (Systematic research and fact checking is for the birds. Sweeping, generalizing statements about humanity is all we need) that, together had the effect of piquing his curiosity and driving a need to get answers. That don’t involve aliens. Or ley lines. More specifically, he interested in transitions to agriculture, either through independent development or through introduction via colonization and trade.

Jacob is currently living in Bellevue Washington with his significant other, a cat that never has enough food and corgi who is in constant need of attention.

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