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I was lucky enough to find a list of many archaeology blogs hosted though:


It also lists some of the other blogs mentioned already in several postings such as Doug’s Archaeology and Bad Archaeology and many others I have not yet checked out. I’ll list some of the ones I found on the better side and noticing that some of them have already been posted on the blog.


One of the more interesting blogs I found focuses on the author’s different viewpoints and reviews to articles and excavations underway. One of the quotes that I found from him is “the conservationist in me thinks that “discovering sites” just ends up destroying them in the long run” which is an interesting quote to think of compared to the plethora of sites he has commented on. Although some might disagree with his viewpoints and the posting might be on the shorter side. The author also does seem to focus on more European and Egyptian archaeology but it is a good starting point to start looking at different archaeology blogs. Though active his responses tend to be on the shorter side.


This might be a good blog to check out considering the very first post focuses on modern archaeology and modern ruings (however it just is a plug for an exhibit coming out) given this there seems to be a lack of blogs dedicated to more modern archaeology work. There are also several book and article reviews and different updates on some archaeology excavations. The tags are also descriptive to allow the reader to check out several categories my personal favorite being the “meditations” tag that is more on the descriptive part of words of archaeology (if that makes sense).


On another note, I found a blog called “Where in the Hell Am I”, if one is interested in the day to day life of a CRM archaeologist, although frankly the most recent postings are more of a local food review (if you really want to know about tacos).  However there are some good posts such as the one on Blogging Archaeology and its troubles. For example even though this blog is made specifically to enhance public knowledge on just what is done in the CRM, it has only had 15,000 views in total with less than 200 views for each post. It does make me wonder if the general public normally searches for items like these or if these blogs only seem to cater to achaeologists/enthusiasts in the end.

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Kerstin Snodgrass is a 22 year old Archaeological Science student currently in her final year at the UW. Interested in a young age about arcaheology she has strived to continue her studies and eventually start working in the field within the coming year. Although not specialized at the moment her interests mostly include any work with textiles, sewing and knitting with other interests scattered throughout. At the moment she is studying Historical Archaeology, Ethnographic archaeology and archaeology in the public sector. On the sidelines she enjoys arts and crafts and learning French and looks forward to what her future brings. Born in Flordia, she was raised actually in the Northwest from a young age. From youth she gained interest in archaeology first learning about it from her mother's Tutankhamun books and decided to pursue that interest instead of becoming an ice cream truk driver at the age of 8. Her current goals are to graduate with her baceholors and to gain a job in the field hopefully starting with a job in the CRM or be put onto some field schools.

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