A Hot Cup of Joe and some Philistines

A Hot Cup of Joe, an archaeology focused blog run by Carl Feagans(Masters, University of Texas), started its life as more of a skeptical blog deriding conspiracy theories and simple bad science, but has evolved into a more serious, but still fun to read blog. It is a well cited, and informative blog covering topics from the recent NatGeo “Nazi War Diggers,” to whether or not filling your tires with nitrogen is a scam(aside: it is!). I found the archaeological articles to be particularly interesting, with his personal skeptical articles entertaining but somewhat distracting. Of particular interest is his expose of sorts about the das Cheops Projekt and the vandalism and attempted theft committed by the men behind it.


The Tell es-Safi/Gath Excavations Official (and Unofficial) Weblog, is the blog of an archaeological project and field school run by Prof. Aren Maeir, a biblical historian and archaeologist from Jerusalem. The blog is really quite a fun read as Aren Maeir absolutely loves archaeology, history and the work he does on the site. Though there is a lack of citations for all of the posts I’ve read, the author’s credentials do appear to be solid. This doesn’t excuse a lack of citations of course, however given his expertise on the subject, it’s possibly that he’d just be citing himself.

As to the subject of the posts, they run the gamut from information about the team and their findings, to discussion about documentaries about the site, and they are for the most part short and to the point with links to deeper discussions and papers on the subject.


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