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There are times, when reading an ‘archaeological’ news story, or researching archaeology for fun, that you come across a statement, article, theory, or book that is so WRONG, you must physically facepalm ( There is a website, titled “Bad Archaeology,” ( that covers a wide variety of these wrong things, debunks theories and calls out authors, news programs and anyone else who dares use ‘archaeology’ in a way that makes us all look bad.

This blog ( is a companion to the website, written by an archaeologist named Keith Fitzpatrick-Matthews, and is written in a more personal tone about the topics from the website, though still in a professional, if at times slightly cynical way. The blog is an interesting and refreshing read, and well written. Further discussion on topics continues in the comments, where it seems the author is active, and willing to accept criticisms and corrections on his own writing and research.

These are NOT aliens!

These are NOT aliens!

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