Blogging Archaeology again

“Hazelnut Relations”

This is a humorous blog written by Marcel Cornelissen, who is an archaeology PhD student at the University of Zurich. The blog largely discusses (but is not limited to )Neolithic and Mesolithic European archaeology in an exciting way that captivates the reader. The rather obscure title of the blog (drawn from Bradley’s 1984 quote “… Neolithic farmers had social relations with one another, while their Mesolithic forager predecessors had ecological relations with hazel nuts.”) means the audience that the blog draws is probably academic and from fields that explore human-ecological relationships. The blog is well-written and cited, providing a great resource for scholars, and is in touch with the current state of archaeological matters (there are several recent posts discussing the SAA blogosphere session, for example), so this blog seems legit in my book. And I love the quote.

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