Travel items– Dandy flask

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Dandy flask has vertical/parallel sides, and the short base pedestal which is almost as wide as the body. The stopper finish and body shape indicate that it might contain liquor, such as whiskey or bitters. This type of bottle was primarily produced from 1890 to 1920 according to its straight finish. Because after 1920, the external screw threads finish is the dominant style. Similar bottle had been appeared on the catalog of Illinois Glass Company in 1906, which also indicates the possible production.

The shape of this kind of bottles originates in the need for traveling. Because of the relative small and flat shape, it is easy to carry or place in one’s pocket. Most flasks has a capacity of about 16oz. or less. Although flasks have wide variety of shapes, they have similar “portable” size, and laterally compressed on two sides.

Due to the characteristic of flask bottles, travelers might be the major customers, and they might usually consume it outside when they are traveling. However, it is also possible to consume it at home, even uncommon. The portable characteristic also indicates its practical function and the possibility of reuse. Flasks

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