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Hello all! My name is Kyle Hancock. I am currently a GNM student at the University of Washington. I received my BA degree in anthropology with an emphasis in archaeology from Eastern Washington University in 2013. It is my goal to gain admittance to the PhD program here at the University of Washington eventually but I am enjoying the adventure along the way! I am originally from a small desert town in Wyoming and grew up looking for arrowheads out in desolate sagebrush covered hills of what was once home to a completely different group of people than those I was familiar with. For some peculiar reason I was always drawn back out into the desert to make some sort of connection with this “other” group of people and thus my fascination with archaeology began without me even realizing what is was. Much like finding an arrowhead, sometimes these things just happen to find you.

Outside of the academic arena I enjoy music, backpacking, exploring, and gaining insight into all different aspects of life. My journeys have led me to many different places including; wild and sprawling concrete jungles, high mountain peaks, seemingly never ending valleys, and into places that many people never really get to experience. Life has honestly been a magical mystery tour so far and I am anxious to see where it leads me next!

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