Blog Review: Archaeology and (Geo)Space

In Archaeology in (Geo)Space, author Rebecca Seifried serializes her field studies of under the title “Travels in the Aegean.” Seifried also includes helpful tips tutorials for a range of GIS and other mapping techniques. Though the blog is arguably best suited to those with prior knowledge of GIS (unlike myself), it is visited by professional archaeologists and enthusiasts alike; the casual but informative style makes it accessible to a wider audience. Seifried’s discussion helps to decouple archaeology from artifacts by shifting focus to the ways in which humans interacted with their environments, as well as the ways in which archaeologists reconstruct those conditions. Unfortunately, Seifried has posted infrequently in the past few months, and sporadically since the blog’s inception. However, what content has been posted carries on a narrative of sorts, one which can be useful to those looking to broaden their understanding of what archaeology entails.

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