Karl’s Bio

Hej hej! My name is Karl and I am an anthropology student at the University of Washington studying Archaeology and Scandinavian studies. I grew up in the untamed forests and vivid plains of Washington and Idaho while my parents worked as camp managers in various campsites. From there we moved to the suburbs of Lynnwood, Washington. During these younger years I occupied my time with long winded quests for lost treasures within the petunia beds, the finding and slaying of foul beasts behind the shed, and riddle challenges with trolls living under the floorboards. These years of fantasy and adventure peaked my curiosity in the unknown and the known but lost, so naturally as I aged, my study went from dragons to studying the people and our shared past. Now going into my third year of university studies my interest has settled upon the shared stories and culture around death across the far reaching continent of Europe. I became interested in this project after hearing of the unique nature of this project. In this I mean how this project looks at helping a community to document and study parts of its past by working with the local preservation office and the community at large.

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