Introducing Rachel!

Best in Terms of Pants

Best in Terms of Pants

Rachel is an Anthropology major attending her first field school: Field Methods in Indigenous Archaeology.  She is a general nerd, interests ranging from video and board games, sci-fi TV shows and cartoons.  These activities keep her indoors most of the time, so a few weeks camping for field school are probably good for her.  Camp essentials for Rachel include her Kindle, loaded with an excessive number of books, a plant field guide, and a multitude of card games.

Originally hailing from the Seattle area, Rachel recently moved back to that region in order to attend University of Washington.  Though she is an Anthropology major, she is giving serious consideration to adding a Creative Writing or Archaeology Science Major.

When choosing the field school of her dreams, Rachel was enamored of the prospect of working in collaboration with descendant groups; she knew Professor Gonzalez’s field school was the one for her.  Another area of interest, emphasized by FMIA, are low-impact methods of research; she is looking forward to getting to know all the “toys” that go with such methods.

Life goals for Rachel include writing the next Great Novel, defeating invading, interstallar aliens, and solve a beautiful mystery.  If she is not at school, she can generally be found under a pile of cats, attending Emerald City Comicon or living the dream at PAX.

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