Scott Adams

Scott is an Archaeology major entering his senior year at the University of Washington. He holds three Associates degrees in various fields acquired in past lives. One such life began eight years ago when he sold his soul to the United States Air Force. In return Scott obtained training and experience as an aircraft mechanic while traveling abroad. In addition, he received funding to pursue his second degree. While abroad, Scott encountered several new and exciting cultures. What’s more, is that he was able to see, feel, and experience the physical remains of cultures long since passed. Luckily for him, the Air Force only had a claim to his soul for two more years. Upon completing those years, Scott promptly moved back home to Washington to pursue an education in Archaeology.

Since moving back to the Northwest, Scott has attempted to juggle school, work, and family. While all three are important, he has dropped the ball for each more times than he’d like to admit. With the help of his wife of ten years, and two young children, the show continues. Scott is a practical man, and though he separated from the active duty Air Force, he continues to make himself presentable once a month to play Air Force with the Reserves. How else is a student supposed to keep a family reasonably insured?

When not wondering how he’s going to keep his family in food, shelter, and clothes, Scott likes to think he will make the archaeological discovery of the century, write a book, make a movie, and be set for life. After awaking from that dream, Scott likes to spend time with his family, ride his motorcycle, travel, and spend money he doesn’t have. After the creditors catch up to him, he will most likely look at getting a job in Cultural Resource Management or try to hide in the University’s graduate program. If those options don’t work, Scott has heard the Air Force will take unemployed archaeologists with souls.

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