This is Daisy

Daisy Jaime is currently in her third undergrad year at the University of Washington-Seattle. She comes from the Yakima Valley, born in Western- themed Toppenish and raised in Dinosaur-themed Granger. Her curiosity for the past and participation in field school (LEIAP 2014) have encouraged her to double major in History and Archaeological Sciences. Her culture has influenced her to focus on Latin American studies.

Daisy at the Son Fornés Museum in Mallorca, Spain

Daisy at the Son Fornés Museum in Mallorca, Spain

Daisy’s interest in community- based archaeology led her to join this field school. In the long run, she hopes to one day be able to apply these methods with indigenous communities in Latin America.

You can often find Daisy at a local concert (crowd surfing is yet to be crossed off her list), exploring new places in Seattle or binge watching on Netflix. She enjoys running, playing volleyball and trying new food.

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