About Me – Michael Wohl

My first exposure to to archaeology and anthropology was as a young child, when my mom would take me to the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago on a near-weekly basis. In the time between then and now, I’ve spent most of the past ten years since I moved to Seattle playing music, traveling, and being employed in a strange variety of unrelated fields of employment.

After odd jobs and a period of vocational training in woodworking, I had an opportunity to return to school in 2014, and spent two years at Seattle Central College, where I rediscovered my interest in the humanities while earning an Associate’s Degree. I am a recent transfer to University of Washington, where I am studying Archaeological Sciences. I am particularly interested in geophysical survey, GIS, GPS, and other spatial imaging techniques. In addition to studying Archaeology at UW, I am also planning to pursue a second BA in Ethnomusicology. I live in Seattle with my wife, where we spend our days as cat ranchers.


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