About Me – Tiauna Cabillan (long-time Cereal Fan, cried while watching Finding Dory)

I’m an anthropology and archaeological sciences major headed into my final year at the University of Washington. I’ve come a long way since I first watched librarian-turned-archaeologist Evey Carnahan and her encounters with supernatural shenanigans in The Mummy. For those familiar with Indiana Jones, it comes as no surprise that film couldn’t be further from reality. Regardless, it’s been a fantastic three years. Now I’m interested in working in the non-profit sector, finding ways to incorporate what I’ve learned about archaeology, ethics, and equality into my future career. These interests have led me to Professor Gonzalez’s Field Methods in Indigenous Archaeology course. I arrived at Grande Ronde earlier in June, not sure what to expect from my time at the field school but excited all the same. The first two weeks have been a blur of early-morning lectures, delicious meals (many thanks to the kitchen staff!), and milkshake breaks. We’ve recently started field survey, our foray into low-impact methods well under way, and we have a full month of field work (and many more milkshake breaks) ahead of us. I’m excited to get to work– see you in the field!

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