The last two weeks where interesting. In my class we started a garbology lab where each student records there garbage for a week and another student analyzes your records. At the same time my car got stolen on the first week and in the second week I got sick, again. But despite those set backs I still feel I learned a lot from this project.

When analyzing my data from another student I found that food waste including food wrappers can tell a lot more about a person than just there diet. For example I concluded that they might live with multiple people because there was 4 take out containers thrown away at the same time. Additionally 4 of the same drink was thrown away at a similar period and 4 other similar drinks where thrown away after that. Also If the recorder put prices on there trash (like mine did) you can get an idea of there income. There are most likely many other interpretations of food waste that inform more about an individuals habit but at the moment I haven’t figured them all out yet.

Thanks for listening!

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