Historic Bottles: The Oakland Chemical Company

An ad for dioxygen from the Oakland Chemical Company circa 1908

This bottle is an amber colored bottle manufactured using a 2-piece with cup mould and has a prescription finish. The seams on the sides of the bottle are indicative of this kind of mould. Embossed onto the bottle is the name “The Oakland Chemical Company” with a chemical symbol in the middle. The bottle likely contained what was known as dioxygen or previously, Oakland hydrogen peroxide. The hydrogen peroxide was marketed as being safe for oral consumption, although today we know it should not be consumed and likely would have burned the throats of people who drank it.


The Oakland Chemical Company bottle









The date of manufacture for this style of bottle (2 piece with cup) is between the 1880s and 1930s, but knowing the company who sold product in the bottle, the date can be further refined to the late 1890s, early 1900s. The headquarters of the Oakland Chemical Company was in the New York City region, moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan and Staten Island. This product most likely would have been found in a household along with other medicines intended to treat ailments.

2 thoughts on “Historic Bottles: The Oakland Chemical Company

  1. I have a small jar that I found in my mother’s attic. It is 2.25″ dia and 2″ tall, white milk glass with silverish metal lid marked “THE OAKLAND CHEMICAL COMPANY”
    and a symbol in the center. On the bottom is a capital “A” with a bridge over it. Would you happen to know the date or what might have been in it. Cosmetics or salve? Thank you

  2. Thanks for your post on The Oakland Chemical Company Amber bottle. I have one. Good to know it was a cork top too. I have 4 old bottles that have their scientific names on them. Also a Ideal glass syringe that was property of the US..has a number on it. My dad was an antique dealer…and is no longer alive. Any idea the values or where I might find out their worth? Thank you.

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