Alex “Vergil Nguyen” H’s Collection of Wonders

For my Digital Storytelling project, I decided to go over the various knick knacks I acquired on a trip to Japan. Aside from a longstanding anime and video game obsession, it was also a place where I spent quality time with my father after years personal distance. I dont think we got very far, but it was significant to me, at least.

The trip all started as a plan between me and two other friends, sometime during the December of 2013, and intended as a senior trip. Unfortunately things didn’t pan out, as one friend was accepted on a full ride to Whitworth University for his skilled oboe playing, and must buy a new (and expensive) one for the school band. The other friend waited too long for his ticket and went out of his price range. My mother, as caring as she was, feared for my life in the reputably very safe Japan, so she had my father buy a ticket and accompany me there. In retrospect, the ticket probably could’ve just been handed to my friend, but there was probably something about the ticket price differences and “friend oweing debts” thing that would’ve made it an issue.

There in Japan I acquired a variety of fun knickknacks all related to my hobbies. I have many photos of artifacts and historic structures from not only Japan, but Korea and Vietnam as well. I’m not going to dig any of those photos out.

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