The Edible Plant Life of Grand Ronde

Prior to my arrival at Grand Ronde I had a longstanding fascination with plants. One of my pastimes is identifying as many plants as possible anytime I’m outside. While at Grand Ronde I had the opportunity to be introduced to many first foods. Throughout our five weeks, my peers and I were guided through the methodology used to harvest, prepare, and consume these traditional plants at several different locations. The privilege to learn from a multitude of experts during my time at Grand Ronde has left me incredibly inspired to expand on my edible plant knowledge back home in California. I hope to continue to share the knowledge I have gained with friends, family, peers, and the public so we can all strive to develop a better understanding of the plant life around us.

Please enjoy the digital journey through some of the edible plant life of Grand Ronde:

Food Sources of Grand Ronde



-Book Referenced: 

Deur, D. (2014). Pacific Northwest Foraging: 120 wild and flavorful edibles from Alaska blueberries to wild hazelnuts. Portland, OR: Timber Press.

-Link to Purchase: Pacific Northwest Foraging

-Chinuk Wawa Translations:

The Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde Chinuk Wawa Application

-Free Links to Download:

        -Chinuk Wawa-Google Play

        -Chinuk Wawa-App Store

-Photos Taken and Edited By: Sara Aguilar

-Blackberry Picking Video Taken and Edited By: Leah Bruce




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