About Victoria

Victoria with Benny the Beaver mascot for Oregon State

Elligsen – Victoria with Benny the Beaver mascot for Oregon State

I’m a senior at Oregon State University pursuing a double major in history and archaeology. I enjoy reading, hiking, traveling, and learning new things. I grew up watching a lot of History Channel documentaries so that I could push my bedtime later (back when it actually showed informative documentaries instead of shows about conspiracy theories). The specials about Ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome were the ones that held my attention the best, especially when they interviewed archaeologists who discussed the significance of their findings. You can imagine how much I geeked out when I discovered Percy Jackson as a fifth grader and Kane Chronicles (by the same author) was published shortly thereafter. My aspiration is to  work in Classical Greek and Roman maritime archaeology, but I’ll be happy to work in any archaeological settings. I’m looking forward to continuing my studies as a graduate student in a maritime and/or nautical archaeology program.

A couple other things: I became a PADI certified open water scuba diver last spring, the country Estonia does not give enough credit for how cool it is, Helsinki is my favorite city, and leg day is best day, but I finally like doing upper body for weight lifting too.