About Me!


My name is Juliet Oreste and I’m an undergraduate student at University of Washington. My major is currently undeclared but I am using this experience at Grand Ronde to enhance my education and participate in a possible career path.

I grew up in Marin County, California, so I’ve always been interested in the outdoors, and traveling to museums and historic sites around the country led me to an interest in archaeology. This is my first real archaeology experience outside of the classroom and I’m excited to do some hands on activities. I’m also interested in learning more about low-impact methodology, and incorporating that into indigenous archaeology. Learning more about indigenous communities is something that I have been looking forward to and think is important.

Outside of the classroom, I enjoy playing guitar, drawing, and listening to music. Before college I was super into trail running, but I’ve had less time (and motivation) to get out and on the trails since I moved up to Seattle. I also enjoy traveling a lot and have been on hiking trips in several places around the world and am looking forward to future adventures.