One of my cats, Leia, a 2 year old diluted calico

Hi all! I’m Kel, an Oregon State University student in archaeology. I nearly have my degree, I will officially be graduating in December 2019. I’m originally from a tiny town in Eastern Oregon, which I’m planning to return to after graduating to work with the US Forest Service. If I’m not in the classroom or at work, I spend most of my time playing video games or spending time with my cats. Being from a rural area, I’ve always enjoyed camping, hiking, hunting, and fishing and I can’t wait to be able to enjoy these things in my hometown once more.

I’ve always had an interest in archaeology, even if I didn’t realize it. I spent much of my childhood carrying around mummy books and constantly watching the History and Discovery channels, and any outside time was spent digging through the dirt in the hopes of finding something. Despite all that, it somehow it didn’t click that archaeology was what I was meant to do until nearly halfway through my college career. Now that I’ve found such an incredible community, I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else. I’m excited to be a part of this amazing field school and finally get some hands on experience in archaeology that I’ll be able to utilize in the future.