About Me, Vergil “Alex H” Nguyen

Picture of a Bird I took in Hawaii. I don’t know what kind. I was at a biogarden or something on Oahu.

Hello, I am an Archaeological Science major at University of Washington. I first discovered my love of archaeology through my love of treasure and that I aced the introductory class in community college. Regions and histories I’m particularly interested in are ancient Greece and Rome. I’m particularly fascinated by military histories and Empires. Possibly as a romance of my youth, imagining myself traveling the world in some sweet armor. I could just get lost in the slightly sandy and yellow aesthetic with the white architecture and red accents of what I imagine Rome to be. I was deeply horrified when it came to light the Greek statues were actually painted bright colors. With that in mind I probably should’ve majored in Classics instead but too late now, graduating by Spring is more important.

Besides Archaeology and countless years of my life on playing video games, I like to spend my time watching cinema and art films. I’m trying to work on my film snobbery. So far most of what I’ve watched are the works of Akira Kurosawa such as Ran and Kagemusha. Currently, I’m conditioning myself to express distaste for superhero movies. This interest in film stems from my love of anime movies like Akira and Princess Mononoke.

Vergil Nguyen sounds like a person I would know but I don’t actually know any.