Hi there!

One of the many flowers I've stopped to stare at. This one's called periwinkle (Vinca minor).

One of the many flowers I’ve stopped to stare at. This one’s called periwinkle (Vinca minor).

My name is Tiauna Cabillan. I’ve been living in Seattle for the better part of the last two years, and have yet to fully explore the various eateries, scenery, and other things the city has to offer—though I hope to do so in the future. I am currently enrolled at the University of Washington as a second-year undergraduate student. This quarter will be my first as an anthropology/archaeological sciences major. I’ve yet to narrow down my interests much, but I hope to find ways in which I can explore topics such as sustainability and inequality through anthropological and archaeological perspectives.

Outside classes, I spend my time drawing, crocheting, baking, and being sidetracked by the campus’s ubiquitous plant life (about which I admittedly know little, but hope to learn).