Hi, I’m Allison!

…a recent-ish transplant to the Seattle area from rural Alabama. I’ve spent the last dozen years or so fixing computers and teaching other people how to use them, but about three years ago I decided I wanted to do more than just fix stuff, so I went back to school to find something cool to actually do with all the neat technology I’d been fixing. A lifetime love of archaeology (so many hours spent watching PBS) and a side interest in geology and chemistry led to my perfect mix: using multi-spectral remote sensing, satellite imagery, and GIS for the discovery, analysis, and management of archaeological sites, with a particular interest in areas that are prohibitively challenging to explore in person (see: jungles of Mesoamerica). To wit, I’m majoring in Anthropology (Archaeological Sciences) and minoring in Earth and Space Science, mostly so I can get my hands on all the cool toys. Since I’ll be graduating this quarter, in the upcoming year I’ll be applying to graduate school with the goal of doing research in my chosen specialty.

When I’m not tinkering or studying, I like to read comics and science-y non-fiction, play the flute, zoom around in my Mini Cooper (his name is Jarvis), learn how to make gluten-free food not taste like cardboard, and pretend I’m a real photographer. I’ve also spent the last two years working on the Emma B. Andrews project, digitizing the diaries of a fascinating woman who traveled throughout Egypt during the excavations in the Valley of the Kings from 1889-1912.

Since I prefer to be on the other side of the camera, here’s a picture of the adorable little farm cat I befriended this summer on my study abroad in Mallorca, Spain.

Farm Cat at Son Maixella