Yoli Ngandali, Ph.D. Student

Yoli_nunalleq2Education: A.A. Audio/Video Digital Media (Minneapolis Community and Technical College), B.S. Archaeological Studies (University of Wisconsin La Crosse)

Interests: Computer applications in archaeology, community and Indigenous archaeology, GIS, digital curation, re-analysis of legacy data, Pacific Northwest archaeology


Yoli Ngandali (CV) is a UW Archaeology PhD student. She started her education in a Media Production program. Her video, audio, and animation background still drives the way she thinks about archaeology today. Yoli is a former McNair scholar. Her undergraduate research project incorporated her background in visual media with archaeology. She used data from her field school excavation of an Onetoa Period living complex as web content for an interactive website tailored to non-archaeologists. As additional content for the website, she put together a summary of best practices for the operation of a tabletop 3d laser scanner to document artifacts. Yoli also collaborated with professors to conduct a spatial re-analysis of palisade structures and associated artifact distributions in the Grand Village of the Meskwaki. As a graduate student, Yoli is elaborating upon the analytical potential of digital media to be used for cultural heritage collections. Stay tuned for more from Yoli in the coming years.