November 15, 2017

Husky Habits | #3 – Explore UWTs’ Past

Architectural sketch, University of Washington Tacoma, 1997

By understanding our past, we can build a better future. The University of Washington Tacoma began offering its first courses on October 1, 1990. Starting with 13 faculty, 11 staff, and 187 students the was operating in only four floors of an eight floor building. With the need to expand the campus, there was a search for a new location. It took about seven years to choose the final location for the campus. After design and renovation the UW Tacoma Campus opened September 27,1997 with 1,200 students.

UW Tacoma continues to grow with a total headcount of 5,375 students in Autumn of 2018. This campus continues to grow with the help of faculty, staff, students, and constant community support.


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