November 15, 2017

Husky Habits | #3 – Explore UWs’ Past

Students on campus in 1974.

By understanding our past, we can build a better future. The UW has a long history that stretches back into the late 1800’s. The University’s reputation as the flagship institution for the state, and as a place to share and discuss innovative ideas, dates back that far as well. The story of people and place go back even farther if you consider the native longhouses that once served as community resources along the shores of Lake Washington’s Union Bay.

There are many resources to explore the UW’s past, from the libraries’ digital collections to the Burke Museum’s ancient and modern artefacts that offer insight into the University’s history. We’ve compiled a list of resources below for exploring the UW’s fascinating path to the university it has become today.

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UW Libraries Collections
Burke Museum
UW Turns 150
A Century of Sustainability
More to come…