January 3, 2018

Go Dawgs! Wednesday | MiniMax Expansion

For this Go Dawgs! Wednesday we are giving a shout out to UW Recycling for their project to expand the MiniMax program.

If you are not familiar MiniMax, it is a desk-side, self-service recycling and waste collection program aimed at minimizing waste and maximizing recycling and composting. The program saves the University over $1.8 million in annual disposal costs since it costs twice as much to dispose waste in a landfill than to compost and recycle it. In addition, the program offers wellness benefits and frees up per-day cleaning hours of custodian staff.

According to UW Finance & Administration Chief of Staff and Sustainability Associate Vice President, Barbara Wingerson, expansion of the program “will dramatically benefit UW’s waste diversion efforts, advance our sustainability goals and save operational costs.”

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