January 10, 2018

Go Dawgs! Wednesday | UW Mailing Services

UWcouriers, Brent and David, are among the first at the unviersity to deliver mail on bicycle. The program had been in trial phases and was fully implemented in December. Image credit: Lucas Boland.

Just WOW! This idea was so amazing!!! UW is truly leading the pack on this one.

UW mailing services recently moved from pilot stage to full implementation of the electric-assist bicycle mail delivery service. Initially funded by a grant from the student created, funded, and managed Campus Sustainability Fund (CSF), the program is here to stay now. And our peers are noticing, “There’s just nobody out there that’s doing what we’re doing,” according to Steven Roberts, the manager of UW Mailing Services. Even Harvard called to learn more about the program when they saw a tweet about the rollout.

In addition to cost savings on vehicles and gasoline, the program will reduce carbon emissions by 6 metric tons! Add to that the wellness benefits for staff that are essentially in an all day spin class.

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