February 11, 2018

Husky Habits | #7 – Be the First, Dare to Do

“Be the first” and “Dare to do” are additional tenets from the Be Boundless campaign tha the Good Business Alliance campus partners decided was important to be included in our top 10 Husky Habits. These two tenets calls on UW students, faculty, and staff to step up be leaders in all that we do.

To “be the first” means to step out in front of our peers, whether on campus or in our communities, to model what good business is all about. For example, many of our units have developed event-specific resilience plans to prepare for and respond to emergencies so this effort to ‘fine tune’ plans is a great example that our peers can follow.

“Dare to do” is a bit more challenging for many of us. We are so used to maintaining the status quo so that everything runs as it always has. But sometimes there ideas that will improve a project or program, better serve a constituent, or make UW a leader in an area that means change is required. Taking the time to, including constituents in planning, discussing the change, and planning in advance for it is very important so that when the great idea is put into action, it is set up to succeed. But don’t let the idea of change, even a big change, hold an idea back. If it is a good one, activate the tenet…dare to do!

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