February 26, 2018

Husky Habits | #11 – Shop Big with Small Businesses

Here is an easy and fun way to create a win-win for the UW and our community: support local businesses. It may be easy to shop with the big companies like Office Depot or Amazon via Ariba and other resources, but did you know you can often shop small and local too through those same resources? More often than not, you can find the same or similar products at the same (sometimes even lower!) price from these small, local businesses owned by veterans, women, and/or minorities.

Our Business Diversity Program (BDP) helps students, faculty, and staff on campus just do that by creating an environment for businesses contracting with the University that reflects diversity, promotes opportunity, and values transparency. Take catering for example, there are dozens of small and diverse catering companies to choose from.

This is another area in which UW leadership has decided they want to be the best. And when we say leadership, we mean all the way to the very top, the President and the UW Board of Regents (BoR)! In 2015, the BoR passed the Statement of Business Equity by the Board of Regents to ensure that we do indeed work toward becoming a leader in this area. Go Huskies!!!

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