March 2, 2018

Husky Habits | #12 – Buy Less, Avoid Clutter

Make smart buying Decisions, buy less and void clutter. Responsible purchasing is more than just buying sustainable products or products and services highlighted in our Business Diversity Program (BDP), it’s also about how we decide to spend our money and the method used to make the purchase.

Buying new things or the latest model of something you already own can be enticing and exciting, but buying too much or buying something you may only use once, soon becomes clutter.

Whether spending money from an unrestricted departmental fund or from a federal or state budget (or even in your own life outside UW), avoid impulse purchases and ask:

  1. Do I really need this?
  2. Do I already have something that will meet my need?
  3. Can I borrow the item from another department or purchase from UW Surplus (or if in your personal life, from a friend)?

If after taking time to assess, you determine your need is real, as a University employee, you can eliminate paperwork and save time by placing your order in Ariba with one of the many contract suppliers. UW contract suppliers offer established pricing, terms, and discounts designed to offer the best overall value to customers and can be trusted to honor warranties and provide quality goods and services. And yes, there are even green and BDP vendors available via Ariba.

Smart, purposeful spending begins with understanding your need and buying only what you need from trusted sources. Use the time you save by purchasing less for more interesting activities and keep your office (and home) clutter free.