April 4, 2018

Husky Habits | #13 – Close Out Open Balances in Ariba

Do you work with budgets and want to help avoid surprise transactions on your or your co-worker’s newly opened budgets? This Husky Habit is for you!

Closing out your open balances in Ariba in a timely manner is a great habit to practice, no matter which department or organization you work for. Open balances can sit in Ariba for many months, or even years, without being reconciled or closed out.

This is especially important for grants and contracts. Once a budget number is closed and purged from UW’s financial system, that budget number becomes available for use again in 4 years. If a budget number is reused and there is still an open balance in Ariba from 4 years ago, that open balance is automatically transferred to the new budget and new budget owner or PI. It becomes much more difficult to close out the open balance in Ariba once it is associated with a new budget, so please remember to close out your open balances!

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