June 29, 2018

GoodBiz Contributor | Zander Lyskin

Meet Zander, one of our GoodBiz interns! 

Hello! I’m Zander Lyskin, a junior majoring in entrepreneurship. I’m excited to work with UW Sustainability as the GoodBiz blogger and get to learn how UW and its affiliates are practicing good business by reducing their environmental impact and creating inclusive workspaces. As the GoodBiz blogger, it is my job to write the Husky Habits, Metrics Mondays, and Go Dawgs! Wednesdays blog posts. These blogs highlight my interests and help to show faculty, students, and the public the ways that the UW is making meaningful changes in everyday practices.

Writing as the GoodBiz blogger will also allow me to improve my reporting and writing skills and prepare me for work as a European market research intern in the summer and fall for MiiR, a local social enterprise. When I’m not working with the sustainability office, I enjoy working with Net Impact, a club on campus that connects students with responsible businesses, working with MiiR, and coaching swimming with a local swim club. In my free time, I enjoy swimming, hiking, and exploring Seattle on my bike. After school, I hope to enter a career that uses business to connect humanitarian, environmental, and consumer needs, and inspire individuals to become change makers.

Zander’s Contributions: 
Husky Habits | #14 – Tap Off When Using Light Rail