July 11, 2018

Go Dawgs! Wednesday | Stadium Diversion

It’s been an exciting year at Husky Stadium. Not only did our football team finish the season undefeated at home, but 82 percent of the stadium’s waste was diverted from the landfill: its highest diversion rate ever! UW Athletics has been working to grow this number each year since the stadium’s renovation in 2013. How did the stadium reach such an impressive diversion rate, you might ask? UW Athletics contributes the increase to two main efforts: firstly, engaging in direct education with fans during Husky games, and secondly, increasing the amount and accessibility of compost and recycling bins around the stadium.

If you participated in tailgating before Husky Football games this year, you may have seen groups of student volunteers making their way around the parking lot in golf carts, handing out blue bags for fans to dispose of their recyclables. When volunteers gave out these bags, they also educated tailgaters on what they could do to root on sustainability while at Husky Stadium and beyond.

Looking for a trash bin at Husky Stadium? You probably won’t find one, but you’ll notice that recycling and compost bins are readily available. UW Athletics has been working with its food and beverage supplier to ensure that most items sold at the stadium can be composted or recycled. All paper towels in the bathroom are composted as well. If you have a piece of garbage that can’t be recycled or composted, Husky Stadium kindly asks that you bring it out with you and dispose of it in a trash bin outside of the stadium.

A big thanks to UW Athletics’ sustainability efforts for ensuring that Husky Stadium truly is the best setting in college football!