July 25, 2018

Go Dawgs! Wednesday | UW Farm

Photo by Jayna Milan.

A little-known fact about UW is that we have our own student-run farm! The 1.5-acre urban vegetable space provides UW Dining Halls, the University District Food Bank and community members with fresh and organically grown vegetables, herbs and flowers.

The UW Farm also plays an important role in education. During weekly volunteer hours, the Farm can be found bustling with student service learners and volunteers who are learning by doing. They leave the Farm with a greater understanding of seeding, planting and weeding, among many other skills. But most importantly, they walk away with a more meaningful connection to the food they eat and the earth in which it grows.

Interested in getting involved? Any students or community members can volunteer on the UW Farm to learn about sustainable urban agriculture, get some fresh air, and contribute some time to feeding the community. Check out volunteer hours here. A big thanks to the UW Farm for providing our campus with sustainable food and great learning opportunities!