July 31, 2018

Husky Habits | #21 – Walking, Biking, and Bussing, OH MY!


Choosing to take the bus is definitely a more efficient and environmentally-friendly alternative to driving alone in your own vehicle, but walking and biking are other transportation options that have even more health, economic and environmental benefits!

Regular exercise is encouraged for good health, and walking and biking are great ways to work out while also getting you where you need to go. The time spent outdoors while walking or biking increases your awareness of the surrounding environment, making going from place to place much more enjoyable! Another benefit of walking and biking is that it is very inexpensive or even free! If you don’t have a bike, check out Husky Habit #18 to learn about Seattle’s bike sharing program, or you can purchase a bike second-hand for a very cheap price. Walking and biking are also easy on the environment, avoiding pollution and CO2 emissions.

Next time you take the bus, consider walking or biking instead!

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