Multiscale Muscle Modeling — MUSICO

In partnership with Dr. Srboljub Mijailovic (Illinois Institute of Technology, IL – IIT) and collaborators Dr. Thomas Irving (IIT) and Dr. Michael Geeves (University of Kent, UK) we are developing multi-scale structural based models of striated muscle contractile function. This multi-scale approach will translate structural and functional abnormalities at the molecular scale, originating from genetic defects in individual proteins, into pathophysiology at the scale of proteins to whole cells, and eventually to the organ level. Our computational platform will be tightly interlaced with experimental data collected at different scales providing the capability to predict genotypic modulation of function in a patho-physiological context.

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  • Srboljub Mijailovich, Ph.D., Department of Biophysics and Mechanobiology, Illinois Institute of Technology
  • Thomas Irving, Ph.D., Department of Biology, Illinois Institute of Technology
  • Michael Geeves, Ph.D., School of Biosciences, University of Kent, UK

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