January 30, 2018

Week 5: Curriculum Ideation


Written by: Bonnie Tran

In this week’s session, high school and middle school teams shared their drafted workshop plans. Our objective was to form out the curriculum and better understand the day to day activities. To start, we shared our research for the week– what resources and teaching material are currently out there? How are Scratch and beginner computer coding concepts taught? What can we use to inform our workshop design? Over the weekend, Andy and Elena sat in on a CSE Scratch workshop, and brought some insights on ways the classroom could be setup and how to communicate content in order to support engagement. We found lots of online tutorials and videos that could potentially structure the learning activities.

After sharing each team’s workshop plan, the following themes arose. One challenge was planning according to the time allotted for students to prepare beforehand. What did we want Day 1 to focus on? The workshop seemed to depend on what students were allowed to prepare for beforehand. Another theme was the underestimation of time, particularly for the high school group. As initially planned, the pace was too slow and too easy. Therefore, the high school team’s goal for the next week is to brainstormed ideas and activities to be more difficult. Better challenging than too easy! In the end, we finalized decisions for Day 0 (what Neah Bay students would prepare before the workshop begins). The next week we will create an example of a story and brainstorm more curriculum ideas.