January 23, 2018

Week 4: Workshop Planning


Written by: Sam Gil Vargas

During this week’s DRG meeting, the team focused on laying out the plan for the workshop week. Our first task was to decide on which teams we would be leading for the workshop week. Below is a list of the teams and their respective team members:

High school
Yeh-Eun Lee
Jojo Le
Nate Young
Bonnie Tran
Aylee Neff
Noelle Merclich
Middle school
Sam Gil Vargas
Lynda Nguyen
Pooja Ghelani
Jon Cole
Melody Xu
Melissa Birchfield

Next, it was brainstorming time! We split off into our teams to begin synthesizing what the curriculum would look like for each of the days. The main task was to figure out our over goal for the week, the end goal for each day, and what we wanted to focus on for each day. For each team this looked a little different but each had similar componentes. The middle school team decided that the focus of the week should be learning how to tell a story that is important to them using scratch. The high school team focused more on the types of scratch projects the students could create like a linear story, an interactive game, and a choose your own adventure.

During the large group discussion, we agreed with the overall goal of the week that students would learn to tell a story (whether it be linear, interactive, or a hybrid) with the tools we’d teach them via scratch. We still had a lot of work to do though since figuring out the actual plan for each day was a more difficult task to do. Because of the struggle we faced in deciding on what to teach each day and how much we were tasked with conducting research on existing scratch tutorials and curricula. By doing this, the team hopes to have a better understanding of the concepts that support effective teaching and a better layout of the daily goals/curricula.